Dent Removals

No matter how bad the dent we can restore your car's body to new condition.

Auto Electrical

We offer a full range of auto electrical services from electric windows to alarms.

Panel Replacement

If replacement parts are needed we can source them at the best price from local dealers.


One of our specialties is restoring older and classic cars to the same standard as they were when they came off the showroom floor.


We have a team of mechanics close by who can look after your cars engine and mechanical systems.

Re-paints & Paint Touch Ups

We offer small touch-ups for dents, nicks and general wear and tear as well as for replacement panels.

Complete Re-paints

Our paint shop is equipped with a Zenhan full down draft Bake Booth, dustless sanding system, computer controlled paint mixing room. We offer a DuPont lifetime Guarantee on paint performance.

Rust Repairs And Rust Proofing

We offer rust corrosion repairs as well as rusted panel rebuilding.

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